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Fusion Application Cloud



From end-to-end enterprise transformation to specific change initiatives, we provide a wide range of implementation services for Oracle Fusion Application Cloud Services, using our industry-specific technology experience and our dedicated team of consultants.



-Feasibility study
-Business Process (re)engineering
-End-to-end implementation
-PaaS Extensions
-Migration from Legacy System
-Application based extensions
-Onsite & Remote support
-AMC & On Call support



-Supply Chain Management
-Human Capital Management


Industry Verticals



PaaS Extensions

Using our unique SaaS-PaaS bridge based on Oracle ADF, we have developed numerous Customization/Extension modules for our Clients.

These Customization/Extension modules are so seamlessly integrated with the rest of the Core SaaS functionality, that the Users will never be able to make out the difference.

Also we develop custom extensions pertaining to Windows and Mobile devices.



FARM Super Stores (SAMCO)